International Trade

Would you like to expand your business with International Trade?

In a global word where there are no more boarders it is key to be competitive on a larger scale.

Do you wish to develop, diversify and boost your business across the border?

We can help you find your own way.

We analyse your needs and define your customized international road map.

Some of the services we offer to help you to face this challenge include:

  • import / export management
  • commercial intermediation, sales representative, distribution
  • supplier search
  • e-commerce management services
  • multilingual help desk


Among our task we deal with managing the international trade of goods and services, with the related economic and bureaucratic aspects.

Thanks to our long experience in the sector we are able to follow individuals or companies in order to better manage investments in new markets.

Why should you trust us?

We are on the market for more than 15th years and we already helped many business man to develop their turnover answering to their needs.

BS trade and partners is pleased to share with you some of its clients quotations.

We are looking forward to meet you to draw together the path to your success.

It will be our pleasure to have your quote on our website in the next future.

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